Lighting perfection.

Different tools, same unrivaled performance: welcome to Maxima.

96 CRI

95+ CRI / 97 TLCI

The ideal fixtures to faithfully reproduce colors across the whole dimming range and seamlessly match sunlight.

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Single point LED

Single point light

A hard, single point lighting enabling perfect shadows without the issues deriving from multi-point light sources.

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15 to 65 degrees focusable

15° to 60° light beam

The borosilicate Fresnel lens combined with the pump-action focusing system allow for maximum versatility in every lighting scenario.

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More about Maxima 7

A new standard for DoPs

All-in-one versatility

Both Maxima 7 and Maxima 3 are conceived with the same goal in mind: delivering an ultra-high performance in a single, lightweight and portable design. The same approach has been adopted for the interface as well: minimal controls directly on the body and ultimate access to all features via a detailed, convenient and ultra-fast app. Choosing Maxima means you want to focus on the shot and get the job done more efficiently and faster.

Single cable unit

Single cable

460000 lux at 1 meter

Unibody design

Wifi and USB connected lamp

Mobile app and 2.4Ghz remoting

Are you ready?

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