The innovative design of the 8 inches Maxima 3 Fresnel Reflector allows optimal air flow from the front and the conical surface to the COB Led without any light spillage at all.

The ability to focus a perfect circle across the whole flood to spot range eliminates the need to use french-flags to prevent light spillage or unwanted reflections.

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The Maxima 3 Fresnel Reflector is an 8 inch focusable attachment that delivers precise and sharp light beam from 15° to 16°: its design is tightly integrated with Maxima 3 and is easily focusable by simply sliding it along its dedicated rails. The Reflector is designed to stay in place without clamping or tightening, thus resulting in a smooth, ultra-fast operation which can be carried out single-handedly.

The borosilicate 8 inches Schott® Glass lens ensures a total chromatic perfection with no color shift while still maximizing lighting performance.

Like all Maxima products, the Maxima 3 Fresnel Reflector is designed, engineered and manufactured exclusively in Italy while the lens is Made in Germany.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 21 cm
Fresnel width

8 inches


Made by Schott in Germany

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Maxima 7 and 3 are the revolutionary LED fixtures capable of delivering huge power in a compact, durable and smart-connected frame.

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