Maxima’s performance

Your portable sunlight

A new generation of directional LED fixtures specifically designed to simulate sunlight in high-speed cinematography and professional photography.

5600 Kelvin degrees

Daylight 5600K

460000 lux at 1 meter

89,000 Lumens

700W power LED lamp for studio lighting

700W Power

Lighting perfection.

96 CRI

The ideal lighting to faithfully reproduce colors across the whole dimming range and seamlessly match sunlight.

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Single point LED

A hard, single point lighting enabling perfect shadows without the issues deriving from multi-point light sources.

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15 to 65 degrees focusable

The 10" borosilicate Fresnel lens combined with the pump-action focusing system allow for maximum versatility in every lighting scenario.

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Unrivaled power.

As powerful as an HMI, just better.

Thanks to the extraordinary emission efficiency and to the advanced thermal management solutions, Maxima 7 is the first compact, single-point LED fixture that can replace* a 1200 HMI focused to a 15° light beam.*: light output equivalent to 84% of a brand new Osram HMI 1200W SE bulb and equivalent to 88% of the same bulb with a 100 hour run-time. Tested internally with PAR HMI 1200W and Sekonic Lightmeter


15° Fresnel reflector @ 1m


15° Fresnel reflector @ 3m


120° without reflector @ 1m

Maxima’s design Excellence, Made in Italy.

A true workhorse, built to last

Maxima’s design follows a no-compromises approach: we refined every detail and leveraged the most advanced technical solutions and materials so that Maxima’s body will serve you flawlessly for many years to come.

An aluminum and polycarbonate all-in-one body that can endure the most demanding applications, yet so compact to be efficiently operated by a small crew or even by a solo artist.

Compact body.

It perfectly fits into your camera kit.

A compact and tough body, a single cable: Maxima 7 is the perfect tool for smaller crews needing maximum versatility and convenience. Just a tad bigger but still capable of overpowering the sun, Maxima 7 is the LED light for the professionals not willing to trade power with practicality.


Body weight [19lbs]


Length w/ reflector [22.1"]


Width [10.9"]

Maxima’s brain

A smarter light

Maxima 7 is controlled by a powerful Cortex M7 CPU that continuously regulates light frequency, fan rate and temperature while enabling connectivity via mobile App (check the iOS and Android app stores) or dedicated 2.4ghz remote control. 100% flicker-free operation is ensured across the whole dimming range up to 10,000 fps.

Flicker free 700w hi speed lamp

Flicker-free at any dimming level

CPU controlled led fixture

CPU controlled

Wifi and USB connected lamp

Mobile app and 2.4Ghz remoting

Maxima’s compatibility

A soft light too

Imagine having the 89,000 Lumens provided by Maxima 7 in a soft light too, just like when installing an expensive high-temperature softbox on a 1200 watts Parabolic HMI. That’s why we choose to equipe MAXIMA 7 with an S-Type universal mount that you can access just by sliding the reflector away: this allows you to attach thousands of softboxes and modifiers without any overheating problem and opening a world of possibilities in light control.

In the blink of an eye we have converted our hard, single point light in a similarly efficient soft-light which can be used with every kind of softbox, small reflectors and open-face intensifier.

Are you ready?

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